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Kid’s Eye Exam: What To Expect

An eye doctor tests a young child's eyesight with the Landolt C eye chart

Imagine seeing the world through your child’s eyes—every colour and movement is a new discovery. These are crucial tools for learning, exploring, and growing. Like any tool, eyes require regular care and maintenance to function healthily. That’s why experts can’t stress enough the importance of regular eye exams. During your kid’s first eye exam, an […]

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OCT Eye Scan: What Is It?

A senior woman sitting in an optometrist's office looking into a machine that tests her vision

With modern technology improving every day, it’s becoming easier and easier to monitor a person’s optical health during a comprehensive eye exam. One of these new advancements is a machine called the OCT—optical coherence tomography.  OCT is a machine that allows optometrists to monitor your retinal health in a noninvasive way by using light waves […]

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